PedEgg Bare Nails Roller Refills for the Electronic Nail Care System - Ped Egg Buff & Shine Nails (36 pack) Refills

Regular price $12.99

  • Replacement Rollers Designed For Use With PedEgg Bare Nails
  • Incredible value replacement rollers - you receive 3 sets - 36 rollers in all
  • Each package has 4 smooth, 4 shine and 4 file rollers (you will receive a total of 12 of each roller!

Size:3 packages of 12 These replacement treatment rollers for your Ped Egg
Bare Nails represent amazing value for money and will let you keep your nails
in perfect condition for a very long time. Now youve bought your Ped Egg Bare
Nails, the ideal nail treatment system, why not make the most of your
investment and stock up on replacement rollers in all three treatment styles
so you can keep looking after your nails long into the future. Ped Egg Bare
Nails gives you three different ways to treat your nails, and each one offers
a way to shape, smooth and polish your nails to a salon standard so youll
never want to hide them behind nail polish again. This great-value replacement
roller pack gives you four of each treatment roller! Thats 12 incredible Ped
Egg Bare Nails rollers for one remarkably low price. Each package contains:
FOUR Smoothing rollers, to turn rough, damaged lumps and bumps into a
beautiful, even nail surface FOUR Shine rollers, to take that prepared surface
and buff it into a dazzling mirror shine that will bring out the natural
colours of your nails and instantly remove the need for garish nail polish.
FOUR Nail File Rollers, where would we be without our nail files? These
essential, take-everywhere rollers swill shape, trim and edge your ten little
works of art into nails so perfect youll want to show them off every day.
Youve already got the nails you always wanted, why not keep them that way for
longer? Keep the WOW factor right at your fingertips with Ped Egg Bare Nails
replacement rollers.